Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We're a week into the New Year, which means if you made one or more resolutions, chances are you have already given up. Don't worry, that's pretty typical. It doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are human.

Most of us feel, at least at one time or another, that there is something about ourselves we want to make better. We resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school - all worthwhile objectives. But even if you have already given up, remember that you don't have to wait until next January 1st, or even next Monday, to try again. Any day - really any moment - you can decide to make a change.

But here's the thing - there are two resolutions that rise above all others. I have come to believe that without these two things any other goals, objectives or resolutions are almost meaningless.

If 2008 ends up being the year I finally achieve lasting weight loss, what will it matter if I don't also discover God's purpose for my life and fulfill that purpose?

It is possible that my lack of success in losing weight is directly related to the fact that I am not living the life God wants me to live. I don't mean morally, I mean that God put me here for a purpose. If I am ignoring my calling, what does it really matter what size pants I wear?

Resolve today to find out what God made you for.