Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sin makes us stupid

Ever wonder why you do things that you later realize you knew you couldn't possibly get away with? Here's one explanation from Our Daily Bread.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Rae of Hope

It's been another wildly busy couple of weeks for me. I'm just back from a 10-day business/personal/business trip. Each time I travel it seems I try to squeeze in more and more activity. Which is fine, except when I wake up and forget what town I'm in.

This trip included a stop to help out a friend by working at a charity golf outing. It was lots of fun...I got to meet many nice people and watch how they act on a golf course (not bad...only one F-word all day). I got to drive a golf cart for the first time in my life (I'd like to get me one of those, but I don't know where I would use it). But, most important, the event raised a good amount of money for a very worthwhile cause.

Sammi Rae of Hope is an organization dedicated to helping families facing severe financial pressure, and the possible loss of their home, due to a family member's life-threatening medical crisis.

It's something you might not think about when you hear of a family in this horrible situation. With everything else going on, they can find themselves at the brink of bankruptcy or foreclosure. Sometimes it only takes a grant of several hundred dollars to prevent a family from losing their awful experience at any time. Imagine how that devastation is compounded when you're also fighting for life.

When you think about charities you support, consider adding Sammi Rae of Hope to your list. And if you know of anyone that needs this kind of help, tell them about a little girl named Sammi, her wonderful family, and the organization she inspired.